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The Little Known Benefits Of Article Marketing

There may be no more effective or cost saving method of online promotion than article marketing, but there are still many people who are unaware of the benefits. You shouldn’t consider jumping into article marketing if you don’t understand how it can help. While many think of article marketing as a way to build authority, this can only happen when it’s done properly. Yes, you can most certainly build authority, but in order to do that you need to create valuable, compelling content on a regular basis so that it can organically create a series of links that create exposure. A solid SEO campaign is also crucial to your cause. Following the aforementioned method will help build backlinks and authority within the search engines, so if your only goal is to create an authoritative site, articles will help. This should not be your only link-building technique, though, as there is much more you can get out of article marketing, starting with the opportunity to dominate long-tail keywords. When we say “long-tail” we are referring to sub-niches that exist under your major niche. Going with a popular niche like “home loans” is fine, but it can be nigh on impossible to dominate a category that is so commonly used by others. The way to build dominance is to embrace long-tail methods, using specific phrases such as “Ohio bad credit home loans.” You should have no issue attaining top 10 rankings, as the competition for the sub niches is a lot less than you would ordinarily find for simple niche choices. If you choose to stay with the simple niche selection, you will have a long hard road ahead if you want to crack the top 10. One of the easiest ways to get ahead and dominate long-tail markets is with the use of article marketing. Article directories, which we will discuss later, allow you to use their authority and exposure to the search engines for your own benefit in the following ways: 1. The ability to get traffic to your pages by adding direct links within your signature block. All of the articles that show up in article directories automatically rank in the search engines. If you target a long-tail niche, you really should have no problem ranking and therefore generating a wave of traffic to your site via the directories. 2. You can also build authority for your sites and individual pages that are linked to the articles you submit. This generally leads to a higher ranking for each of those pages, and while the links themselves are particularly strong, the long-tail phrases that are targeted should be enough to easily land you in the top 10. Another benefit that comes from submitting articles to the directories is that other bloggers, Ezine publishers, website owners and more are allowed to use your content for their own specific needs. Both you and the person using the content benefit from this practice, as your articles then get more exposure and backlinks. The issue here, though, is that the content is often stolen by spam/scraper sites. Although this will have no effect on your ranking, it can be painful to see your hard work essentially being stolen. One of the problems that this type of theft creates is that the content is often used without the links to your pages being added at the end. You can spend an inordinate amount of time fretting about this practice, but it really does no good. There is pretty much nothing you can so about it, so your best bet is to forget about it and move on. If you do decide to try and do something, be prepared to spend a ridiculous amount of time and money to make it stop. What you need to know is that the vast majority of these scraper sites are junk and will shut down without the spammer seeing any profit from their illegal efforts. You also need to consider that syndication of your articles does not deliver the type of benefits that many people would have you believe. The sort of exposure that you would get from a widely syndicated article rarely if ever happens, so don’t waste too much time trying to get syndicated. It’s better to focus on the aspects of article marketing that do yield positive results.

5 Essential Guidelines For Running Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

On July 22, 2013, Google made the biggest change to paid search in recent years with their mandatory roll-out of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Our team has been diligently testing all the new features since February, when Google announced the ability to voluntarily upgrade. Here are five essential guidelines our team feels PPC (pay-per-click) users must consider to refine their AdWords account with any enhanced campaign strategy. 1. Set Your Mobile Bid Adjustment – Now that you can no longer run mobile-only campaigns, it is important to set your mobile bid adjustment based on your account’s historical data. Ensure that you set your bid adjustment to the appropriate level to achieve your desired goals for mobile traffic. For example, if you are already dominating the top position, reduce your mobile bid to attain a cheaper CPC (cost-per-click), and vice versa. 2. Create Ads for Mobile Devices – Previously, when you wanted to target mobile users, you had to create separate campaigns for each device: desktop, tablet, and mobile. With enhanced campaigns targeting all devices, you can now create mobile-only ads by simply checking a box and inputting your mobile URL. Your ad copy should be geared toward users on mobile devices and include a specific call to action. It is important to keep in mind that mobile users tend to be on the move and are often ready to take this specific action, be it calling your business, getting directions to your physical location, or comparison shopping. 3. Start Geo Bidding and Use Bid Multipliers – With enhanced campaigns, you can now set a bid adjustment for certain locations to bid higher (or lower) for users searching in that specific area. For instance, if you have a particular region or city you would like to aggressively target, just select that location, set the bid multiplier, and monitor the location’s performance. 4. Optimize Call Extensions & Sitelinks for Mobile Devices – In the same way you set up mobile-specific ads, you can also designate call extensions and sitelinks exclusively for mobile devices. This attribution allows you to correctly monitor mobile click-to-calls and to ensure mobile users who click on sitelinks land on the desired mobile page (e.g., New Inventory, Directions). Remember that space is limited on mobile devices, so keep those sitelinks concise and relevant. 5. Auction Insights Reports – Google has recently released a new Auction Insights Tool, which compares performance – for more than one keyword – with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are. (Previously, only one keyword could be compared). Now you can look across entire ad groups and campaigns to see how the competition is performing in the same keyword auctions. Use these statistics to monitor how aggressively your closest competitors are bidding against you, especially for brand, manufacturer, and geo-modified dealer terms. Although this is not part of the enhanced campaign roll-out, it is extremely useful when doing a competitive analysis for paid search campaigns. The weeks and months ahead will be the real test, as all search marketers are now able to use these exciting new tools in enhanced campaigns.

Things To Be Aware Of When Tackling Local Search

It’s no secret that consumers are turning to online resources other than a business’s website to conduct research about that business. Sites like Yelp, Yahoo!, and Google+ have been doubling down on their efforts to procure online reviews. In fact, Google has been working hard to revamp their G+ pages as 85% of online customers use reviews found on local directory sites before they make a purchase. With so many of these sites available today, you can no longer afford to not pay attention to them. At the same time, submitting business listings to such sites is not a task that should be taken lightly. There are many things that you should be aware of when beginning local search efforts. Beware of “Frankenstein” When submitting listings to a local directory site, you may be surprised to find that you already have a listing up on it and may wonder how it was placed there. Chances are if you or an outside company never worked to create listings on local directories, then the site created the listing you are seeing. Several local directory sites create “Frankenstein” listings; in other words, they will flag information from across the web – anything from an address on your website to a phone number on your G+ page – to create their own listings. The sites have pulled this content because they have deemed it “relevant”, meaning they think these specific fields are the most trustworthy and most likely to be correct. If you are not actively creating or monitoring these listings, your consumers could be led to an inaccurate address, call the wrong number, or visit an incorrect website, potentially causing them to no longer consider your business when conducting online research. It’s important to catch these “Frankensteins” before you lose leads from them. By claiming and editing these listings, you will be able to ensure that consumers viewing local directory sites will only see the most up-to-date information. Beware of Duplicate Listings Duplicate listings are found when more than one entry exists for the same business on the same local directory site. They will be similar to the listings that you create or claim, but some minor details will differ (e.g., an old website, address, phone number). Sites can either “Frankenstein” a duplicate listing together, or the entry may have been created a long time ago. In the past, local directory sites would comb through phonebooks and manually enter a business’ information onto their websites so that they would have the most comprehensive directory online. Unfortunately, this led to several errors and outdated information. More often than not when creating a listing on a local directory, the site will direct you to an existing listing that you can then claim and edit. However, if an existing listing for your business has a misspelled name or slightly different contact information, the site won’t ask you to claim and edit the existing listing. You will instead create a duplicate listing, meaning potential consumers may go to the outdated listing, thereby costing you leads. It is important to check for and remove these duplicates on any local directory site you may have a listing on, especially if your business has changed any information. By monitoring for duplicate listings, you will make it so that your consumers only see the information that you maintain on the local directories. Beware of Free Tools There are several tools available that are meant to help you manage local listings online. These tools range in price, but some are free to use. Though they can be helpful, it is important to be very wary of these free tools. As is often the case with anything free, you get what you pay for. Here are some problems our team found while using a free tool to scan the listings of one of our clients: • The free tool flagged several local directory sites, indicating that the business did not have a listing on the site, when in fact the business did have listings on these flagged directories. • The tool flagged fields – address, phone number, name – on individual listings as incorrect or missing when they were in fact filled in and correct on the site.The tool prompted our team to create listings on content aggregators, which typically is a best practice when individually managing listings; however, listings had already been created and optimized on these aggregators. • The tool incorrectly flagged duplicate listings when our team had claimed listings on local directory site. • As you can see from these potential pitfalls, it is best to enlist the help of professionals or pay for a local search tool that you can manage online. Local search is essential in creating a unified online persona for your business. In doing so, you can ensure that when your consumers look for you on local directory sites they will be seeing the correct information every time. This may take considerable time and resources but it will pay off huge in the long run.

Why Does Google Change Website Rankings Over Time?

Time and time again we see websites launch with average organic rankings at the 3rd-5th page, only to drop drastically later on. We also see this happen when a peak in organic website visits is followed by a significant drop. The average organic rankings are based on the algorithms of the search engine, and do not involve paid search marketing. However, both of these cases always lead to clients asking us: Why?! This question does not only apply just to our clients, but is a concern to webmasters and website owners everywhere. This April, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam Team, addressed the issue by releasing a video discussing the reasons behind this phenomenon. To summarize his response: A search engine is created to return the best quality results for the search terms entered. When a new website or page is pushed live, the search engine has to provide its results based on what limited information is available for that new website or page. Take, for example, the Oklahoma tornado earlier this year. The information ‘pool’ started very small and grew dramatically within the first hours following the tragedy. It continued to grow exponentially as time went on — much like ripples in the water. Search engines ‘learn’ in the same way – in waves. The same thing happens with breaking news, world events, even a celebrity spotting. As more information becomes available, search engines soak it up and then use it to select which results should be delivered to users. Additionally, the more people conducting quality searches and engaging in online conversations about a subject, the faster the search engine works. I emphasize the word ‘quality’ because people sometimes think that they can search for their website over and over to influence the search results. However Google was also designed to factor out those searches so that the correct results are displayed time after time. All this may lead some website owners to believe a drop in website rankings means their website is not relevant. This is not the case at all. A drop in website rankings simply means that your website has been moved to the middle, or end, of the line and must earn its way back to the front (top rankings). The best way to make your way back to the front is by proving to Google that your site IS relevant, current and provides visitors with unique content they came to the site looking for.

Online Digital Catalog: Ecommerce Solution

Online shopping is a standard business practice nowadays. Almost everyone has ordered something online at one point in their life. Any type of product can be found and purchased online. That’s why it’s so imperative to have an easy to use shopping cart solution to drive your online sales. A lot of businesses integrate a shopping cart within their digital catalogs to create a completely immersive point and click shopping experience. Here you will find some ideas on how to make the most out of your e-shop. Quick and easy: one of the main reasons consumers shop online is due to a lack of time and access to products in their local market. If a potential customer is visiting your online catalog with the intent of buying a product, the visual impression is very important. This sounds simple, but it is not always self-evident. The Primary causes for a customer to leave an online shop are: The cart is not saved Method of payments are only showed at the end of the ordering process Shipping charges are not transparent Confusing rows of products and/or hints for the buying option are not easily visible Provide your readers and potential customers with quick information that efficiently explains how to have a successful shopping experience on your platform. It is a good idea to use interactive control elements to engage your potential customer’s .This will create a fun and unique shopping experience, that will increase your chances of making them a regular customer. Allow feedback: buyers and potential customers want to communicate with each other. Interactive forms and rating systems engage communicative customers and make it easier for skeptical ones to make a buying decision. Show what you have to offer: show your products from their best side. Galleries of different colors or models make it easier for your customers to make a confident buying decision. These options can be combined; for example an interactive test, which provides information about the product type and shows the customer the corresponding buyable items. If you embed such a test in your online magazine or catalog, don’t forget to embed social media buttons, so your range of products can be shared and recommended through social networks. Offer Quality: An online publication avoids using paper, which would have been used for print advertising. Because of this, you aren’t restricted to a certain amount of pages. As a result, you can add bigger images and more detailed descriptions. This provides your customers with enough information to make their buying decisions. Support is important: A potential customer often has questions regarding your products. If you add a contact form to the last page of your ePublication, you could kill two birds with one stone. This gives you the ability to tend to your customers quickly and receive contact data from readers which are really interested in your products and or services. Gifts: An ePublication should be something special. Let your customers know that you are grateful that they chose to view your ePublication. Provide your online audience with exclusive contests, coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways, and promotions. This way your publication makes a memorable and lasting impression. Customers will come back again to see if they have won something or if there are current promotions they don’t know of yet.

What Is A Turnkey Online Business

A turnkey business is any business that can be operated from the comfort of your own home, on a part-time basis, if that is what you wish. There are all kinds of different turnkey business available to you, but the ones that have proven to have the best chance of success are those that have the following 6 traits: 1) The products that you sell should be something that there is a high level of demand for. That doesn’t mean you need a product that is trendy or fashionable, but rather something that will benefit the customer over an extended period time. 2) Look for a business that delivers a good income plan from the stat whilst also having the ability to build residual income as you go. By building a residual income, you will not have to devote so much time to marketing and working on the business, giving you more time to spend with your family. That is the freedom a good turnkey business should deliver. 3) A system should be in place that can be duplicated over and over again, and which allows the business to tell and sell for you. It’s not everyone that is good at marketing and talking to potential customers, even when they have a great product. You need a system that does it all for you. 4) The best way to be effective in a business is if you have the proper training. Look for a system that comes with a comprehensive training package so that you can be confident when you start. 5) Find a business that has mentors who can help you replicate the success that they have seen. They can show you how they made their money via a turnkey business while helping you avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead. The best way to learn and achieve success is by following the lead of someone that has already done it. 6) Since you are the most important part of the business, you need to be yourself. You need to be aware of the new skills that will have to be learned and the hard work you will need to put in to build your business. Do not listen to those people and websites that talk about instant riches with no effort, as that simply doesn’t happen. You absolutely can be an online success, but it will not happen overnight. When putting together a strategy, have a long term goal in mind and try to remain as flexible and open to change as possible. One of the most difficult things that new turnkey business owners face is managing their own expectations. You are most likely hear reading this because you are looking for a way to escape the 9 to 5 grind, or are simply looking for a ways to generate a second income. Perhaps you are tired of working long hours for little financial reward. Whatever the case, your own online turnkey business can help you reduce the hours you work while increasing the money you make, but only if you follow the tips outlined above.

Fun Facebook Marketing Tips For Budding Businesses

Learn some of the tried and tested Facebook marketing tips and the world could be your oyster. Starting up a business is one thing, making that enterprise successful is completely different matter. If you want to learn how to market your company then you should promote your business on Facebook. Social networking is here to stay and Facebook is an extremely powerful online marketing tool. Can you learn lots of useful Facebook marketing tips to help you to buy and sell on Facebook? Yes, you can use Facebook for marketing purposes. Millions of us are using online social networking services to connect with family and friends. But lots of us are also keen to see what goods and services are being promoted on this gigantic marketing website. Why is Facebook Such a Good Marketing Tool? The king of social networking sites has over five hundred million users. Smaller business concerns cannot afford to ignore this fact. Avid social net-workers are constantly coming up with fresh Facebook marketing ideas and hosts of exciting Facebook marketing tips. There are endless great Facebook marketing strategies and many small businesses have been part of the Facebook marketing success. Are you beginning to think that you should be promoting your business on Facebook? Good, now let's look at some of the best Facebook marketing tips. Four of the Simplest Yet Powerful Tips * If you want people to believe that your Facebook business is good then you have to sell it to them. Create a friendly but professional profile. Add an honest profile picture. All Facebook users enjoy looking at pictures. Post lots of clear images to promote your goods. Add lots of Facebook friends. Ask your friends to invite their friends and create a Facebook chain. A vibrant Facebook profile is attractive, so transform your Facebook wall into a powerful promotional tool. * Create a fantastic Facebook business page. How many times do you take a second look at a business page on Facebook? Some of the business pages on Facebook are as dull as ditch-water. Maybe one of the greatest Facebook marketing tips is to update your page at least once a day. If you want to promote your business on a social network then you will have to work hard. Add photos, videos, and display wall posts. Update your status regularly and encourage discussion. If you are trying to create a long-term relationship with other Facebook users then you need to keep them interested. * Facebook Ads are as cheap as chips. If you want to set up a Facebook Ad go straight to the Facebook Ads section and create and Ad there and then. Looking for low cost Internet marketing? Look no further because Facebook Advertising is as cheap and as good as it gets. * Promote and network at the same time - but remember to have fun. Facebook fans log on to have fun. People love to interact on the World Wide Web. Multi-tasking may not be your thing but aim to make your Facebook fans happy. Happy fans are far more likely to buy your goods or to use your services. Some of the best Facebook marketing solutions are the simple ones. Take note of simple Facebook marketing tips, inject some humor and generate those sales. Study some Facebook Posts Ideas for Businesses If you want to promote your business on Facebook then be prepared to learn. Look at some of the fabulous Facebook status update ideas. Learn what to post on your Facebook fan page. Study every new and innovative Facebook marketing idea that appears online. Locate a Facebook tool that helps you to generate ideas for posting on Facebook business pages. There are thousands of good Facebook marketing tips but some of the most useful tips are the simple ones that are listed above.

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